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Moose JAw, Saskatchewan Accounting Services

At NRGH Accounting Services Ltd., we provide a wide range of financial and tax preparation services for customers in and around Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Our services include bookkeeping, a variety of tax preparation, business setup, and so much more! Read more about our services below.


At NRGH Accounting Services Ltd., we provide bookkeeping services for a wide variety of clients.

This includes businesses of any size, from small office suites to large retail chain stores. Working with people in person and online, our services are available throughout the year to ensure payroll, daily business operations paperwork, taxes, and other important accounting details are completed with professionalism and attention to detail.



We specialize in expert preparation of taxes for both businesses and individuals. This includes all of the tax services that you may need completed to ensure your business is properly prepared for the upcoming year.

This includes all of the tax services you need to ensure your business is ready to go for the year. Our experienced staff knows the ins and outs of the industry and will ensure your T4's, T5’s, and any other tax form you may need is prepared correctly. When it comes to individual tax preparation, we’ll take the stress and hassle out of completing them yourself so you can relax



NRGH Accounting Services Ltd. in Moose Jaw provides financial consulting, supported by a highly knowledgeable team that assists clients with their ever-evolving professional needs.

We offer accurate information, money management tools, and advanced analysis in a timely manner. This ensures key support in addressing different challenges related to securing adequate, stable operating, capital funding, enterprise planning, programming, and more. Our team provides key financial advice for senior management, staff administrators, faculty, and other key people in the local industry. We offer solutions in order to keep business afloat, even during tough economic times.


Taxes for Farms

Our accounting team in Moose Jaw serves farms in surrounding cities, including Caronport, Assiniboia, Swift Current, and Regina.

Farms require specialty tax preparers who know how to handle value-added inventory or permanent plantings such as trees and vines. These preparers are also available to those who are working to build or rebuild structures, such as a barn or packing shed. We have some of the top agricultural tax professionals in the province who will ensure your farm has everything needed to complete taxes accurately and on time.


Corporate and Personal

NRGH Accounting Services Ltd. provides corporate and personal tax preparation services.

We offer full and limited scope audits, financial reviews services, and fraud examination. Our team also works on audit and review of policies and procedures, as well as guidance for business formation and planning. We also assist with business acquisition, mergers, and divestitures. Personal tax preparation services and audit representation. Additionally, NRGH Accounting Services Ltd. provides estate planning, trust formation/management, and business formation assistance for sole proprietorships. Family business succession planning services are also available.


Financial Statemenets

NRGH Accounting Services Ltd. prepares financial statements that include balance sheets, income statements, statements of retained earnings and cash flows, and financial accounting.

Steps in preparation can be simple or complex, depending on the size of the company. Our adaptable team of professionals can work with banks that require simple financials, as well as businesses that require the most complex financial statement preparation.


Business Set up

Our accounting firm in Moose Jaw provides business setup services for new businesses of any size.

This includes choosing the form of entity for your business—corporation, sole proprietor, limited liability company, or other type of business entity. Once your business is set up, we will follow up with you to ensure all of your business and accounting needs have been met. If you require any follow up services in the near or distant future, we are happy to help.


Management Reporting

NRGH Accounting Services Ltd. provides management reporting services, which involves the process of providing agency management with timely, accurate, and relevant information designed to assist in the strategic operation management of an agency.

Using the latest software, management reporting is done accurately and efficiently. We ensure key insights are delivered to executives and managers when they need it.


Accounting Training

We offer workshop training for future and current accountants.

This education includes financial statement examples, as well as agricultural setup and training. Whether you are a seasoned bookkeeper or first-time student, we have the educational materials to increase your knowledge and build on your current skills.


Software Solutions

Our experienced team of accounting professionals also provides software solutions for businesses in the area.

This includes training on Simply Accounting and QuickBooks. Sage 50 offers streamlined solutions that allows you to tailor them to your needs and help your business grow. QuickBooks, a product geared toward small and medium-sized businesses, accepts cloud-based versions of business payments so companies can easily manage and pay their bills, distribute payroll, and more.


Project Management

At our accounting firm in Moose Jaw, we also offer project management services for businesses of any size.

Our services will help you define your long term corporate objectives, profitability of a project, the financial and budget cycle of the project, forecasting the costs of the project, aligning requirements with objectives, and much more.

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